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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day Trading - Status of 23rd Oct Positions

On 23 Oct 2009 before the Indian markets opened, I had given buy recommendations for six stocks futures. for quick reference visit this link here :

Now let us run a cross check on the status of these positions. Out of the six recommendations one buy price of DLF Oct Fut was not met in trade. For rest of the five positions here is my outlook for each position:-
  1. Centurytex Oct Fut. This position had an intra-day low of 488.35 and closed at 493.2. If you have bought around 495 you should be holding your position for next trading sessions. In worst case scenario it will give you 498.5 where you may exit without any injury. But if you are a little brave hearted then you should keep the position for a target of 550 till expiry. Maximum downside risk is 467. This I am advocating because this scrip is still maintaining its swing, and has also completed two long term bullish patterns, viz 'Cup and Handle' and 'Rounding Bottom'. Its actual worth is 920/950 in one year's time.
  2. LITL Oct Fut. This position had an intra-day low of 510.3 and closed at 513.75. If you have bought around 513 then you should be holding this position for next trading sessions. You will get an opportunity to exit between 533 and 541. Its actual potential though is 620 in short term.
  3. Nagarconst Oct Fut. The position had an intra-day low of 156.95 and closed at 159.2. If you have bought around 164 then you should be holding the position till minimum target of 170. Its actual worth is 220/240 in medium term of about six months because it has completed the long term strong bullish pattern of 'Rounding Bottom'. However before surging to 240 level it may retest the levels between 120 and 140.
  4. HDIL Oct Fut. The position made an intra-day low of 370.7 before closing at 375.85. If you have bought around 375 then you should be holding the position till minimum 390. The scrip is worth 500/515 in medium term of six months.
  5. Punjlloyd Oct Fut. The position touched an intra-day low of 255.2 and finally closed at 259.55. If you have bought at around 270 then you should be looking to exit at 277.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Why Day Trade Today - Recommendations For 23 Oct 2009

Why didn't I give any day trading recommendations on 22 Oct 2009? Yesterday I had given no recommendations for trading in stocks futures. In fact I had not posted anything and remained just a silent spectator throughout the day. For compulsive traders in the market it will seem to be almost a Herculean task - not do anything on a particular day. But then it is one of the qualities you will have to consciously develop if you want to survive in futures trading over the long run.

I still haven't answered my question.Why I didn't give recommendations to trade futures yesterday was because I was not certain. I didn't like the general sentiment developing across global markets. Whenever there is doubt creeping up in your mind just stay away from market. Let it do whatever it wants to do. The worst that will happen is that you will miss out a profitable trade or two. But then that is erring on the positive. At least this scenario cannot burn a hole in your pocket, nor take your peace of mind away. No sleepless night!

But today is different. The US markets have again taken the lead to show the direction and mind of the markets. Asian markets are pleasantly trading in green at 8.30AM IST and all seems to be fine up above.For day trading, today my recommendations are as under :-

1. Buy Centurytex Oct Fut at 495/500 for a target of 534. If you plan to keep it for tomorrow then this position should give 561 in couple of day's time.

2. Buy LITL Oct Fut at 513/518 for a target of 568. In case you hold the position till expiry then it should give you a target of 588 to 600.

3. Buy Nagarconst Oct Fut at 164/167 for a target of 171.If you plan to carry your position then you can see a target of 171/180 and finally 188/190 being achieved in couple of days.

4. Buy HDIL Oct Fut at 375/380 for a target of 400.

5. Buy Punjlloyd Oct Fut at 270/274 for a target of 286. If not today then you can keep it for tomorrow.

6. Buy DLF Oct Fut at 445/450 for a target of 465. You may plan to keep your position open also for a couple of days for a target of 500 plus

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day Trading Recommendations for 21 Oct 2009

For day trading today ie 21 Oct 09 the following are my recommended scrips :-
  1. HDIL Oct Fut. Buy one lot (lot size 774) of HDIL Oct Fut at 375/377 and square off after taking a profit of Rs 10/15.
  2. DLF Oct Fut. Buy one lot of DLF Oct Fut (lot size 800) at 447/449 and square off after taking a profit of Rs 15/20.
  3. Nagarconst Oct Fut. Buy one lot of Nagarconst Oct Fut (lot size 2000) at 160/162 and cover it after taking a profit of Rs 4/5.
  4. ICSA Oct Fut. Buy one lot of ICSA Oct Fut (lot size 2000) at 200/202 and take profit of Rs 5/6.
  5. Punjlloyd Oct Fut. Buy one lot of Punjlloyd Oct Fut (lot size 1500) at 276/278 and take profit of Rs 8/10.
Recommended buy prices given above are little defensive in nature. They are not aggressive buy prices because there is need for taking caution today. US markets having closed in red and Asian markets at 9.25am 21 Oct 09 also in red, it is prudent to buy at little lower levels. It may so happen that these buy prices may not be met in trade today. But then that's fine. Day trading also means that on some days you need to sit out and watch the market.

I am yet not giving sell recommendations because as of now the market momentum is still up. So we will respect that, till it is confirmed that sell orders can be safe for day trading in futures. Until then it is better to stay on the buy side of bullish stocks, observing due precautions.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Trading Recommendations for 20 Oct 2009

In the last post I had given recommendations for entry into swing trading when Indian stock markets open today ie 20 Oct 2009. But if you cannot stomach the waiting game while holding position in Futures then the best answer for you is to day trade. So the swing trading recommendations given in the last post ( can be utilized as day trading opportunities with small profit targets of 3 to 5%.

Apart from that, given below are some more scrips in which you may like to day trade today:-

LITL. Buy LITL Oct Fut at 550/552 for a target of 580/585. You may have to wait for one more trading session for this target.

DLF. Buy DLF Oct Fut at 448 and cover the position at 500. This target may take one more trading session to materialize.

Nagarconst. Buy Nagarconst Oct Fut at 164/166 and cover your position at 174/176. In case you are unable to square off position today then hold for just one more trading session as BTST position.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day Trading Tips : Mahurat Trading

Be prepared for some surprises this Diwali Mahurat Trading. You will need to be careful of sharp volatility. I will be recommending October Futures of few scrips for trading today. But in case you find that your buy position remains open by the end of Mahurat Trading, then you can keep the position for next trading session. What I mean is that you need not panic with your buy positions taken today at my recommended price, in case you cannot exit in profit. Hold them as BTST positions. Here are your trading tips for today:-

Nagarconst. You can buy Nagarconst Oct Fut at 170.5 for taking quick profit of Rs 3/4. The next entry buy point will be 165/166 which you can keep holding for a gain of Rs 10/12.

HDIL. Buy HDIL Oct Fut at 378/382.5 for a target of 390. There is a strong possibility that you may not get the buy price in trade today, but then it is better to be safe than sorry especially while dealing with Futures.

LITL. Buy LITL Oct Fut at 526/530 for an upside profit of Rs 15/20. While going down you can again re-enter at 502/506 and keep it for 2/3 days. Of course you may decide to quit if such a position gives you profit of Rs 30/- plus.

ICSA. You can buy ISCA Oct Fut at 203/207 for a gain of Rs 8/10/-.

Century Textiles. Buy Centurytex Oct Fut at 511/514 for profit of Rs 15/20.

Relcapital. You can buy Relcapital Oct Fut between 907/915 for a profit of Rs 20/25.

Punjlloyd. Buy Punjloyd Oct Fut at 280/282 for profit of Rs 7/10.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Culmination of Swing Trade

Today has been the last trading session for swing trade recommended in my blog post dated 12 Oct 2009. What a swing it has been!!! For quick reference please click the link given below.

If you have been trading the swing as per my recommendations, then today you must be laughing all the way to your bank. Lets evaluate the performance of the swing trade recommended in the link above. I had recommended buying October Futures of three scrips, viz HDIL, Nagarconst and Asian Paint. Out of these three, Asian Paint could not be bought since the recommended buying price was not met in trade. For the other two scrips lets calculate your total profit from this swing trading strategy as of today, since I had advised you to keep the trade for 3/4 trading sessions.

HDIL. Recommended buy price of HDIL Oct Fut was between 352 and 362. Supposing on 12th Oct you bought your position in HDIL at 357.5 (day low was 357.2) then you would have sold today at 398.5 (day high was 398.95). Lot size is 774.
Profit per share = 398.5-357.5 = Rs 41/-
Total profit = 41 x 774 = Rs 31734/- less brokerage.

Nagarconst. Recommended buy price of Nagarconst Oct Fut was between 164 to 166. Presuming you bought one lot of Nagarconst at 165.5 (day low was165.1) then you would have sold on 14th Oct at recommended price of 179.5, which incidentally was also the day high. Lot size is 2000.
Profit per share = 179.5 - 165.5 = Rs 14/-
Total profit = 14 x 2000 = Rs 28000/- less brokerage.

Grand Total Net Profit = 31734 + 28000 = Rs 59734/- less brokerage = Rs 59000/-

So now you would agree that the swing trade did give you handsome return. Your total capital investment was around Rs 1.5 lakhs and the return on your investment (ROI) was 39.3% in just four days. If you have liked my swing trading strategy then do give your comments and follow my blog for more of such trading insights and game plans. Hope my recommendations continue to enrich you consistently by way of startling wealth creation.

I have also been giving day trading recommendations every day before the start of the market. Please check out today's recommendations or click on the links given below.

Happy Trading! Happy Diwali!

Taking Stock : Day Trading Tips For 16 Oct 2009

With the market having closed for today, its time again to take stock of the day's trading recommendations given in the last post before the market opened ( ). Those who traded my tips would have realized handsome profit from today's trading. If you have benefited then my appeal to you would be to post your comment as also to join my blog as a follower. It will give me immense pleasure to know that there are retail investors who are making money from stock market based on my recommendations. So lets now start stock taking of today's proceedings :-

Nagarconst. Recommended buy price of 174 for Nagarconst Oct Fut was not met in trade today. So no profit no loss.

HDIL. Recommended buy price of HDIL Oct Fut was 378/379 . Supposing you bought at 378.5 then you would have covered the position at 398.5 (recommended sell price was 397/400).
Lot size = 774; Profit per share=398.5-378.5= Rs 20/-
Profit= 20 x 774 = Rs 15480/- less brokerage.

LITL. Recommended buy price of LITL Oct Fut was 531/532. Supposing you bought at 531.5 then you would have squared your position at 563 as per target given.
Lot size = 638; Profit per share = 563-531.5= Rs 31.5/-
Profit = 31.5x638 = Rs 20097/- less brokerage.

ICSA. Recommended buy price of 208/209 for ICSA Oct Fut was not met in trade today. So no profit no loss.

Total Net Profit = 15480+20097 = Rs 35577/- less brokerage = Rs 35000/-

Day Trading Recommendations For 16 Oct 2009

In case you are convinced that Sensex and Nifty still have 5 to 10% upside left before correction then do participate in day trading of strongly bullish scrips. But you must be very quick in taking trading decisions during the day and lock small profits. Consider the following scrips for day trading today:-

Nagarconst. Buy Oct Fut of Nagarconst at 174 and book quick profit by exiting around 178. Even with this small target you can make Rs 8000/- since the lot size is 2000. If the scrip comes down to 168.25 you can again buy and exit quickly at Rs 170/171. Finally you can buy again at 164/165.

HDIL. Buy Oct Fut of HDIL at 378/379 for a target of 384/385 and then 397/400.

LITL. Buy Oct Fut at 531/532 for a target of 544/550. In case the scrip shows lot of strength then you can get target of 563 and then 575/579. Going down, the level to enter trade will be 513/514 for quick profit of Rs 10/-.

ICSA. Buy Oct Fut of ICSA at 208/209 for a quick target of Rs 6/10.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking Stock : Day Trading Tips For 15 Oct 2009

Market today surprised most of us. From a moderately strong first half an hour, it petered out into a bearish slide. It gained some lost ground in the last hour to close flat for the day. Nifty lost 9 points and Sensex was 36 points down at close. Since the direction of the market was opposite to what was expected, day trading tips given in the last post for today did not do much. In fact the net business would show no profit no loss. Lets evaluate the day's accounts :-

LITL. Supposing you bought at the recommended buy price of 534, the scrip closed at526.7. If you have closed your position then the loss in this position with lot size as 638 should be around Rs 5000/- including brokerage (7.3x638=4657).

HDIL. If you bought HDIL Oct Fut at 378 then there is loss of about Rs 600, including brokerage, from this position as the scrip closed at 377.55 and lot size is 774 (0.45x774=348).

Punjlloyd. Presuming you bought one lot of Punjlloyd Oct Fut at 290 then you would have booked a loss of about Rs 1800 including brokerage. This is because the lot size is 1500 and the scrip closed at 389.

Nagarconst. In case you bought Oct Fut of Nagarconst at 175.5 and exited at 179.5 then with a lot size of 2000, you would have made a profit of about Rs 7700 including brokerage (179.5-174.5=4x2000=8000).

Net Profit= 7700-5000-600-1800= 300. In other words like a flat market closing the account book also closed flat with no profit no loss.

Day Trading Recommendations for 15 Oct 2009

With Asian markets trading in positive territory and US and European markets closed on strong bullish sentiment we are also expecting some decent up move for Indian markets today. In the back drop of this scenario , given below are some of the day trading picks for 15 Oct 2009:-

LITL. Buy Oct Fut of LITL at 534/535 for initial target of 553 and then finally 579.

HDIL. Buy Oct Fut of HDIL at 378/379 for initial target of 390 and then final target of 400.

Punjlloyd. By Oct Fut of Punjlloyd at 290/291 for initial target of 314 and finally 325.

Nagarconst. Buy Oct Fut of Nagarconst at 174/176 for initial target of 180, then 185 and finally at 190.

Happy Trading and Happy Diwali !!!

Sultans of Swing

On 12 Oct 2009 we started on our journey in swing trading through the blog post titled 'Swing Trade For 12th October' ( We still haven't completed that journey since I had suggested to hold the positions for 3/4 sessions and as of yesterday we had completed only two sessions. Today when the markets open in about a couple of hours time we will enter the 3rd trading session for our swing.

So what's the big deal to chronicle all this. There is reason because one of two open positions has already achieved its target. Oct Fut of Nagarconst was traded at the recommended buy price of 165.2 or at worst at 166. Target given was 179.5 for squaring off that position. In yesterday's trade the day high of Nagarconst was 179.5. Those of you who had bought this futures position would have closed your open position. This one position alone must have fetched you net profit of Rs 28000/- in 2 days.

But we still have one open position of Oct Fut in HDIL left. As per recommendation you would have entered trade at 358 and yesterday the position closed at 379.15. Target given for this scrip is 400. In all probability the target should be achieved in today's trading session. In case the scrip fails to reach 400 and you feel it is going to fall, then exit trade without hesitation. The arithmetic is simple. Even at yesterday's closing price you are making a profit of Rs 16000/- plus. Any time in today's trade you fear that the scrip might correct, or you are not feeling comfortable with its movement, just cover your position. You already are sitting in a neat profit of 28000+16000= Rs 44000/-. This profit has accrued in two trading sessions with capital investment of Rs 1.5 lakhs (approx). Wouldn't you agree that Nagarconst and HDIL have been Sultans of Swing!!

So all the very best in today's trading with the open position of Oct Fut HDIL. With global markets having closed in green and Asian markets presently trading also in green you should be able to add at least Rs 10000/- more to your existing profit of Rs 44000. Keep your eyes glued to HDIL.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taking Stock:Day Trading Tips For 14 Oct 2009

In the last post on 13 Oct 2009, I had given some recommendations to buy Oct Futures on 14 Oct 2009. Now that the market has closed for the day its time to take stock of the day's happening vis-a-vis those recommendations. Throughout the day the market showed remarkable strength with Nifty closing 64 points up (+ 1.27%) and Sensex adding 205 points to yesterday's close i.e. 1.2% up. However even in this belligerent bullish mood, we found some sectors and scrips dipping into red, which was little disheartening. Be that as it may, let us now evaluate the performance of our day trading picks :-

HDIL. Buy for Oct Futures of HDIL was given between 369 and 376. Day low was 373.4, day high was 382.35 and it closed at 379.15. Since the lot size is 774, in the worst case scenario you would have made Rs 2438 (379.15-376=3.15x774=2438). And if you were lucky you would have made Rs 6000 plus.

Nagarconst. Buy price recommended was 165/167 but day's low was 169.1 and so there was no trade. No profit no loss!

LITL. Recommended buy price of 501/509 was not met in trade today since the day low was 516. Again no profit no loss!

Net Profit from day trading on 14 Oct 2009 ranged from Rs 2000/- to Rs 6000/-plus.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day Trading Recommendations for 14 Oct 2009

If you have missed the boat on 12th October for swing trade then don't be disappointed much. Here I shall be providing day trading advice so that you may join the same trades on 14 October, in case you missed the 12th October swing. In addition I am also recommending something extra for day trading on 14 Oct 2009.

HDIL. Buy Oct Fut of HDIL anywhere between 369 and 376 for a target of 385. If you find the market as well as the scrip displaying unusual strength then you may decide to wait for target of 400 also.

Nagarconst. Buy Oct Fut of Nagarconst at 165/167 for a target of 171. You may also like to wait for 179.5 as exit point, provided the scrip and the market is flexing strong bullish muscles.

LITL. This scrip was not in my swing trading list of 12th October. For day trading on 14th October buy Oct Fut of LITL anywhere between 501 and 509 and look to square up your position at 540. In case you find very strong bullish sentiments prevailing in the market then you may like to wait for a target of 585.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tracking Swing Trade Recommendations For 12 October

Today's price action has confirmed that the swing is in place for the recommendations given in the last post for swing trade for 12 Oct 2009. Lets track the performance of the stocks futures recommended:-

HDIL. Lets assume that you have taken position today at 358. Position closed at 372.1 after making day high of 376.4. In case you are holding position for target of 400 as recommended, then its fine. But if you have done day trade, you would have profited Rs 14/- to Rs 18/- per share. As the lot size is 774 your intra-day profit should range between Rs 10000/- to Rs 14000/-.

Asian Paint. Day low was 1510 and so missed trade by Rs 10. Hence no profit no loss.

Nagarconst. Assuming you bought one futures position at 165.2, it went to high of 168.4 and closed at 167.3. If you are holding position for a target of 179.5 as recommended, then its good news. But if you have day traded then you would have made a profit between Rs 2/- to Rs 3/- per share. Since lot size is 2000, your profit should range between Rs 4000/- to Rs 6000/-.

Overall Day Profit = 10000+4000=Rs14000/-(minimum); 14000+6000=Rs20000/-(max), less brokerage.

Friday, October 9, 2009

So Futures It Is - Day Trade FOr 09 Oct

In my last post on 08 Oct 09 before Indian market opening, I had recommended three future stocks for day trading. Two were on the buy side and one was a sell. The report card reads like this:-

Ambuja Cement. Recommended sell at 96.25 or 100. No trade, so no profit no loss.

ICSA. Recommended buy at 206 to cover at 210. Trade took place but cover target not achieved. The position closed at 205.5 and therefore a loss of Rs 600 (lot size 1200).

BHEL. Recommended buy at 2470 with target of 2500. Trade took place and target achieved with a profit of Rs 4500 ( lot size 150).

Net Profit Rs 3500 approx after taking into account brokerage.

Day Trade Recommendations For 09 Oct 2009

Buy HDIL Oct Fut at 357 for target of 375/386.

Buy Nagar Const Oct Fut at 164 for target of 169/172.

Buy Canbk Oct Fut at 343 for target of 352/358.

Buy ICSA Oct Fut at 205 for target of 211/214.