Monday, October 12, 2009

Swing Trade for 12th October

For last two trading sessions I have been giving recommendations for day trading some stocks futures and I hope you have made reasonable money from these recommendations during each day. Today I shall be giving some recommendations for swing trading with targets. However my suggestion will be that if you happen to make considerable profit within the day itself then do take that profit and square off your profitable positions.

On 9th Oct I had recommended a buy for HDIL Oct futures at 357 and the scrip made a low of 356.1 before closing at 358.2. In case you had closed your trade on that day then its time to pick it up today anywhere between 352 to 362 for a target of 400 in 3/4 trading sessions. But if you are still holding it then ride it till 400. However if you achieve a target of 386 in today's trade then do grab it with both hands.

Asian Paint
Buy Oct Fut at 1500 for a target of 1700 in 3/4 sessions. However if you can get 1570 in today's trade then do take it.

Buy Oct Fut between 164 to 166 for a target of 179.5 in 3/4 sessions. You may decide to exit trade if you can get a price of 171 in today's trade.

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