Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nifty - Crystal Gazing for Coming Week

Nifty still looks good for some more upside. That's little odd to say at this juncture what with Dow closing in the red for last four trading sessions. The fall in Dow has been against the back- drop of some bad data released last week. How can you expect consumption in US to rise when the unemployment rate hit 26 year high in September 2009? With confidence ebbing down, liquidity is sure to dry up. So my assessment that Nifty still has some headroom will seem a little out of place. But there are reasons for my foretelling so. Lets take a look of some of the reasons which prompts me to suggest that odds are in favour of bulls for some more time :-
  • Though Dow has been falling of late, but it is likely to take support from its trend-line and expected to move up to 10500 level as discussed in my last post.
  • Nifty has resistance at 5300 which it should now test.
  • Nifty is presently sailing near its supply zone of 5137-5300 which could be used as a Bear-Trap by bulls.
  • Such a strong move up has to culminate in a strong sell signal in majority of indicators and patterns which should also include candlestick pattern and maybe an exhaustion gap. We have yet to witness any of that in Nifty's graph.
The correction will take place but it will take place when you least expect it. If Dow despite last week's bad economic data surges towards 10500, then it will be very difficult to stop Nifty from touching 5500.

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