Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Trading Recommendations for 20 Oct 2009

In the last post I had given recommendations for entry into swing trading when Indian stock markets open today ie 20 Oct 2009. But if you cannot stomach the waiting game while holding position in Futures then the best answer for you is to day trade. So the swing trading recommendations given in the last post ( can be utilized as day trading opportunities with small profit targets of 3 to 5%.

Apart from that, given below are some more scrips in which you may like to day trade today:-

LITL. Buy LITL Oct Fut at 550/552 for a target of 580/585. You may have to wait for one more trading session for this target.

DLF. Buy DLF Oct Fut at 448 and cover the position at 500. This target may take one more trading session to materialize.

Nagarconst. Buy Nagarconst Oct Fut at 164/166 and cover your position at 174/176. In case you are unable to square off position today then hold for just one more trading session as BTST position.

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