Monday, October 12, 2009

Tracking Swing Trade Recommendations For 12 October

Today's price action has confirmed that the swing is in place for the recommendations given in the last post for swing trade for 12 Oct 2009. Lets track the performance of the stocks futures recommended:-

HDIL. Lets assume that you have taken position today at 358. Position closed at 372.1 after making day high of 376.4. In case you are holding position for target of 400 as recommended, then its fine. But if you have done day trade, you would have profited Rs 14/- to Rs 18/- per share. As the lot size is 774 your intra-day profit should range between Rs 10000/- to Rs 14000/-.

Asian Paint. Day low was 1510 and so missed trade by Rs 10. Hence no profit no loss.

Nagarconst. Assuming you bought one futures position at 165.2, it went to high of 168.4 and closed at 167.3. If you are holding position for a target of 179.5 as recommended, then its good news. But if you have day traded then you would have made a profit between Rs 2/- to Rs 3/- per share. Since lot size is 2000, your profit should range between Rs 4000/- to Rs 6000/-.

Overall Day Profit = 10000+4000=Rs14000/-(minimum); 14000+6000=Rs20000/-(max), less brokerage.

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