Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Huge Thanks To Stockezy and All My Followers

Gratitude sometimes cannot be expressed. It can only be felt deep within. But the physiological symptoms are always there. Things like developing goose bumps on your arms, a choke and lump in your throat and ofcourse adrenaline pumping up and down your spine. All that I experienced today when I found the following piece of mail from CEO of Stockezy in my email account.

Dear Fellow Investors,

I will be honest with you. When I started investing in the Indian markets, the one thing I was afraid of was Futures Trading. Although the profits and gains were very lucrative I could not sleep with the risk of trading in the F&O Segment.

I was only learning to invest in the stock markets. Buy and Hold was my only best friend and I was sure F&O was not my cup of tea. Little did I know that soon there will be a big change in my investing life.

While working on Stockezy I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Archana Debnath. Within a few interactions I realized my biggest enemy was my 'Lack of Education' about Futures Trading. I needed guidance, I needed someone to become my GURU and hold my hand in the beginning till I become more confident with the trait of Futures Trading.

Ms. Archana Debnath has been very influential in creating the F&O Segment at Stockezy. She has been a guiding force and most importantly a good patient teacher. Today she has many satisfied subscribers who work with her daily trading futures and most importantly making money. I am proud to be one of them.

Ms. Archana is available during market hours everyday to answer questions, guide and help her subscribers. She is with them tackling the ups and down of the markets and guiding them from the time they make the trade to the time they close the trade and book profits.

Is she a magician NO. She believes in Educating her subscribers and most importantly she believes in Managing Risk in the Markets.

See for yourself. Read any of the previously closed futures trades. Read the comments to see how Archana's one motto is to educate you and empower you to make intelligent money trading Futures.

Click Here to Read the Archive of all Previously Closed Futures Trades

If you are interested in subscribing to Guru Archana's Trades, make use of our Risk FREE Subscription with Money Back Guarantee.

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For more information feel free to contact us at - 09686860843 or email

Best Regards,

Tushar Makhija


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In all things that have been said above, major credit goes to my subscribers who have been following my advice with complete faith. So much so that at times I have felt astonished that they have been steadfast with my recommendations even in stormy market conditions, just because I said so. It makes me strive more to excel, and that's my way of saying "Thank You" to my subscribers.

And how can I forget to thank all my followers in this blog. You have been there with me the longest. I started out on my journey in stock market analysis about two years back through this blog. Today I am thrilled to find number of my followers in three digits. My heartfelt gratitude to all my followers to be the source of my motivation to blog. Thank you all.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stock Futures Trading Made Ezy - ITC

ITC has been continuously stomping north since 02 Mar 2010. From low of 115 it closed at 168.3 on 17th Sep.  In this rise it had completed the five wave pattern of Elliot wave. That was a cue for me to contemplate going short in the scrip. Since it was making new highs every fortnight, it was only by extrapolating that I could come to a fair sell price in uncharted territory. And I arrived at 173 as fair point to short the scrip.

Hence on next trading session on 20th Sep I advised my subscribers at to sell ITC Sep Futures at 172.5/173. I also asked them to buy one lot ITC Sep 170 Put at 1.0/1.5 But after my subscribers took action as per my recommendation the scrip started sideways movement between 174 and 175. But in the last half hour before market close, the scrip bolted to day high of 178. However before  market close I advised my subscribers to buy one more lot of  ITC Sep 170 Put at 0.75/0.8, which they did.

Finally today we escaped from the clutches of ITC with profit ranging from Rs 2000/- to Rs 5000/-. The Puts had helped us get out of a tight situation. In the whole drama, as it unfolded before our screen, I was simply amazed by the faith  that my subscribers reposed on my call, even when their MTM losses were mounting to five digits. I feel grateful that I have a club with members so understanding and dependable that they act on my advice, even during crisis times. It is their support which has allowed me to close 40 derivatives trades at a  stretch in profit. You may like to take a peek at the trading room activities  in ITC through the following links:-

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Performance Of Trading Stock Futures : August 2010

August has been the most frustrating month as far as our stock futures trading is concerned. Its been a month which me and my subscribers at would like to forget in a hurry. There was nothing 'august' about this month of August 2010 as far as trading is concerned.

On 2nd Aug Nifty touched a low of 5351 whereas  on 30th Aug day low was 5390. If we compare the closing prices of Nifty on 2nd Aug and 30th Aug, we find them to be 5432 and 5415 respectively. From these figures it is evident that the indices went nowhere in terms of direction in the entire month of August 2010.

Our efficiency in my exclusive club of stock futures trading during the month of August was nothing to write home about. So far on an average we have been doing twenty number of stock futures trades in a month. But in this month of August we managed to enter into only four trades on the long side. Out of these four trades, two trades had to be rolled over to September series. And it is these two abominable trades which seriously pulled down our efficiency. There was huge cost to pay in terms of emotional cost and opportunity cost. If you have missed my detailed analysis of those two rogue trades, here are the links again:-

Now is the time to carry out performance check of two stock futures trades that were squared off in August 2010. As per established tradition in my exclusive club of stock futures trading at Stockezy, 100% success was again achieved in these two trades. Total profit generated from these two trades was Rs 8,600/- at an average of  Rs 4300/- per trade. Details of these trades are given below :-

Ambuja Cement August Futures(Long) :
Bought at 113.5 and covered at 115.3. Lot size = 2000. Investment = Rs 46,000/-.
Profit = 1.8x2000= Rs 3600/-. Return on Investment = 8%

Patni August Futures(Long) :
Bought at 450 and covered at 460. Lot size = 500. Investment = Rs 45,000/-.
Profit = 10x500= Rs 5000/-. Return on Investment = 11%

Now in September we have finally got our bearings and market has also started trending. In September so far we have successfully squared off eight stock futures trades. Two trades are already open, out of which we shall be exiting one of them in next trading session on Monday. We plan to pick up speed of trading in September and hence I call upon all my subscribers to be mentally prepared for the same. Got to catch up for the lost time and opportunity in August, you see!!

Stock Futures Trading Made Ezy - Rcom

Rcom has been been an under-performer  since May 2009. In fact the entire telecom sector has been under heavy weather but not as much as Rcom. But Rcom has great potential for long term investors. Hence one can buy at present level of 160/170 and hold for two years for a target of 350. But here we will be discussing strategy for buying for very short term, since we are interested in stock futures trading.

On 7th Sep I recommended buying Rcom Sep Futures at 162/164 to my subscribers at . On 6th Sep the scrip had closed at 163.3 and was near its recent low. The decision on the face of it was fraught with danger. Every TV channel and print media was dead against buying Rcom before 135/140. So if these experts were right then holding a position at 162/164 would mean giving MTM of Rs 60000/- in case Rcom does fall to 135/140. So naturally Trading Room sentiments were one of fear and trepidation which can be felt through this link : . Subscribers were concerned and shared their concern in trading room. Sample these reproduced comment threads from above given trading room link:-

This just came in - BNP Paribas cuts target price on Reliance Comm
(Reuters) - BNP Paribas Securities said on Tuesday it had lowered its target price on India's Reliance Communications to 140 rupees from 175, while retaining its "reduce" rating.
Any thoughts?
On Monday, if Rcom trades strongly above 167, then hold with stop loss at 165 for tgt of 172/175. Otherwise exit at 167

After 6 trading sessions of idling within a range of 162 to 165.5, Rcom finally gave way to lower side and closed at 159.2 on 16th Sep. When it was falling below 162 I was advising subscribers to pick up more. Why was I doing so? Didn't the voices of all experts and Fund Managers scare me? Find the reasons below:-

    1. From 28th June onwards Rcom has been continuously falling. It fell from 206.7 to a low of 155.3 on 31st Aug. In this fall there has been no significant bounce. The wave count as per Elliot Wave Theory suggested that the technical bounce would take place from 155.3.

                    1. On 1st Sep there was bullish crossover of MACD by its trigger line from below zero, and the scrip closed at 164.2 confirming a minimum technical bounce of 23.6%.

                                    1. 23.6% bounce would mean a price target of 167, which is also the resistance level of upper band of Bollinger.

                                      38.2% bounce gives a price target of 173, which is slightly higher than the resistance level of 100 DMA and 200 DMA.

                                                                                                                                1. In the last trading session the scrip made a high of 169.3 and closed at 167.2. All my subscribers have already exited with profit ranging from Rs 2000/- to Rs 6000/-. But here the potential for making huge profit was definitely there, if and only if we had shut our TV sets down.