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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day Trading Tips : Mahurat Trading

Be prepared for some surprises this Diwali Mahurat Trading. You will need to be careful of sharp volatility. I will be recommending October Futures of few scrips for trading today. But in case you find that your buy position remains open by the end of Mahurat Trading, then you can keep the position for next trading session. What I mean is that you need not panic with your buy positions taken today at my recommended price, in case you cannot exit in profit. Hold them as BTST positions. Here are your trading tips for today:-

Nagarconst. You can buy Nagarconst Oct Fut at 170.5 for taking quick profit of Rs 3/4. The next entry buy point will be 165/166 which you can keep holding for a gain of Rs 10/12.

HDIL. Buy HDIL Oct Fut at 378/382.5 for a target of 390. There is a strong possibility that you may not get the buy price in trade today, but then it is better to be safe than sorry especially while dealing with Futures.

LITL. Buy LITL Oct Fut at 526/530 for an upside profit of Rs 15/20. While going down you can again re-enter at 502/506 and keep it for 2/3 days. Of course you may decide to quit if such a position gives you profit of Rs 30/- plus.

ICSA. You can buy ISCA Oct Fut at 203/207 for a gain of Rs 8/10/-.

Century Textiles. Buy Centurytex Oct Fut at 511/514 for profit of Rs 15/20.

Relcapital. You can buy Relcapital Oct Fut between 907/915 for a profit of Rs 20/25.

Punjlloyd. Buy Punjloyd Oct Fut at 280/282 for profit of Rs 7/10.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In this Portfolio Analysis I m constrained to use the name as Mr X, for which I hope you will pardon me. Mr X's portfolio will take quite a few posts to complete since the list of shares in the portfolio is quite long. So I will be breaking the portfolio into small packets and posting the analysis in tranches. And another thing - those scrips already analysed in earlier posts will not contain the reasoning portion of analysis. For that do refer the earlier posts for more information. The first pie of Mr X's portfolio is presented below :-

Holding 305 shares @ 2300. CMP- 1971
1 mnth tgt- 2360, 6mnth tgt - 2900, 1 yr tgt - 4000
Sell 50 shares at 2360 . Pick it up again at around 2000 and keep it for 6 mnth's tgt of 2900. In this manner you may trade these 50 shares till it reaches 1 yr's tgt of 4000. Rest of your holdings you can book profit at 4000.

Holding 450 shares @ 490. CMP- 276.1
1 mnth tgt- 350, 6 mnth tgt - 500, 1 yr tgt- 600, 2 yr tgt- 810
You can sell 250 shares at 530 and trade these at major dips. Otherwise simply hold all your shares for 1 yr tgt of 600.

Holding 104 shares @ 300. CMP- 160.4
1 mnth tgt- 200, 6 mnth tgt- 280, 1 yr tgt- 330, 2 yr tgt-480
Rpower has already completed 50% correction of its 1st leg of bull run. Hold all your shares for 1 yr tgt of 330.

Holding 15 shares. CMP- 892.4
6 mnth tgt- 1420, 1 yr tgt- 2100, 2 yr tgt - 2900
Book your initial profit at 1420 and then start trading strong dips as per your capacity.

Holding 136 shares @ 850. CMP- 534.6
TCS may correct to 380 in near term and will take about 1 yr to reach 850. Its all time high is 694.5 so I should believe that the buy price may actually be 650 instead of 850. Not withstanding that, I would recommend that you should buy 136 shares more in case TCS falls down to 400.