Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trading Tips For 29 May 2013

8.45 PM
Chamblfert June Futures was bought at 47.1 but that is sheer impatience which has cost us. I have to admit that I lost my patience as markets slid down in slow motion and gave an update at 10.07 AM to buy Chamblefert at current market price. This was despite the fact that as per my  calculations the buy price was between 46/ 46.5 which I had given at 7.18 AM today. Well the low of the day for Chamblfert June Futures was 46.15 and it closed at 46.45. What a bumble for losing patience. Anyhow, hold the scrip for target of 50 which should be achieved in 3/4 trading sessions.

As for GSPL June Futures I had asked those holding the lot to sell today between 61 and 62. Check it out here. GSPL made a day high of 61.4 . Even if you have sold at 61 you would have made a profit of Rs 12000/- flat.

Buy CHAMBLFERT June futures at 47.1/47.2. Intraday tgt 48.5. Current price 47.1

7.18 AM
Keep the following stock futures of June series on your trading screen and try and initiate any trade that reaches my recommended prices :-
  1. Sell LICHSGFIN at 292/295 for target of 260
  2. Sell SRTRANSFIN at 865/870 for target of 800
  3. Sell CESC at 352/355 for target of 330
  4. Sell HDFC at 955/960 for target of 910
  5. Buy CHAMBLFERT at 46/46.5 for target of 50. Stop Loss- 45

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