Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Profitable Trades Of June Series - Buy Was Mantra So Far

From 24th May onwards I have been recommending various stock futures of June series for buying. Check it out here.

Yesterday I had given call to buy Indiacem June Futures at 70 in this post. It was traded at 70. Last evening I had posted an update asking all who bought Indiacem to exit today above 72. In today's trade Indiacem closed at 73.05 after making a day high of 73.25. Since the lot size is 4000, one would have made  profit in the range of Rs 8000/- to Rs 12000/-.

The other stock futures that got traded yesterday as per my recommendation was GSPL June Futures. It was bought at 58. I have given a target of 65 for this scrip. Today GSPL June Futures closed at 60.8 after hitting a day high of 61.25. Lot size of GSPL is also 4000. This means that those who have bought this tip are already sitting on a profit of Rs 11,200/- from one lot as per closing price. That is a decent profit return in two trading sessions by any stretch of imagination. Hence tomorrow I would advice all those who are holding this lot to take profit off the table by squaring off their position between 61 and 62.

Once again I am appealing to all those followers of this blog, who are still debating about trading stock futures, to get out of their shell and start profiting from my trading calls by trading them. I shall be posting my tips for trading by tomorrow morning before market opens. Till then, take care!

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