Monday, May 20, 2013

Markets Sell Off In Second Half - You Were Forewarned

Today markets opened with a gap up. Nifty June Futures opened at 6215, gap up of 14 points. It went to a high of 6247 and closed at 6174. In my last blog-post of 17th May titled Indian Markets Chug Along - But Bulls Beware of Trap I had forewarned that selling will be witnessed in second half of trading session. And that is why I had recommended selling Nifty at 6230. Some of you have heeded my advice and are short in Nifty. But those who are still debating, this post is for them. Tomorrow initially Nifty should move up and so you can short Nifty June Futures at 6190/6200. Reason is simple. You can see Bearish Engulfing candlestick pattern in Nifty formed after today's trade.

Hence those who missed selling today can go right ahead and sell tomorrow at levels indicated above. In case you send me feedback on what your opinion is or what your queries are, then I can be of more help. There are times when I also feel  the need to update you when the market is in progress. There are times when I can tell you to exit or enter market as per the prevailing conditions of the market so as to maximize profit. 

To achieve that I will be updating very important points in this blog during market hours also. For you to easily access my blog-post, you should download my toolbar which is available at the right sidebar. This toolbar is a google powered Alexa toolbar and has the following advantages :-
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Once you download the toolbar make sure that you enable it to show up in your browser screen by clicking on 'View' button at the top of your browser window and then enabling toolbar for "Archana's Blog". And yes, download of this toolbar is absolutely free. So just download my toolbar and keep visiting this blog intermittently during markets hours. It will take just a minute or so of your time. Happy Trading!

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