Friday, May 24, 2013

Tatapower and Hexaware Outperform - Market Flat

Though most stocks advanced but there was hardly any action in the broader market to talk about. Out of the four stocks I had recommended for buy before markets opened today in this post here , two stock futures outperformed the market, eking out about 4% gain at the close. They were Tatapower June Futures and Hexaware June Futures. However the super safe buying prices I had recommended were not met in trade.

But as I had promised earlier, during market hours I gave a call to buy JPassociat May Futures for intra-day trade through this blog. Check here. Buy was at 66 and sell was at 67.5 within half an hour. In this manner profit of Rs 6000/- could be generated intraday from one lot.

From now on, as a matter of routine I will be posting recommendations for trade around  8 AM every morning of trading day. You need to check them out and trade to make profit. In case some very good opportunity presents itself during trading hours, I will send an update in this blog as I had done today. So keep visiting the latest blog page periodically to check out my updates. It will take half a minute of your time to check for updates in case you download my toolbar provided at the right sidebar. So go ahead, download my toolbar for free and stay connected to make profit from stock market. You will be immensely benefited since lots of opportunities will present itself in a volatile market in the month of May and June.

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