Friday, May 24, 2013

Trade Recommendations : Buy June Series

Target Achieved. JPassociat May Futures traded at 67.5. Profit : Rs 6000/-

Buy JPassociat May Futures at 66/66.5 for target of 67.5 for today
Presently trading at 66. Buy

In today's trading, we will keep a look out for some stock futures of June series for buying. These stocks and their buy levels are given below:-
  1. Buy Chamblfert June Futures at 43/44. Target -50.
  2. Buy Jindalstel June Futures at 260/265. Target- 300
  3. Buy Hexaware June Futures at 70/72. Target- 78
  4. Buy Tatapower June Futures at 85/86. Target 92
It may take a few trading sessions  for the given buy prices to be achieved. However track them by keeping them in your trading screen. With volatile market you never know; you can get these buy prices anytime. All the best for trading!

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