Sunday, May 26, 2013

Short Term High Return Online Trading

I have been demonstrating since Apr 2013 the magical returns of online trading in short term. The game of high return can be achieved in short term through Stock Futures Trading, if we are a bit cautious, aware and can eliminate greed factor from our trading. These are essentials of Stock Futures trading, but only after having done a thorough and precise technical analysis to determine entry, exit points and to identify trades which are at low risk and high return point. Short term high return trades have been amply exhibited in the following blog-posts :-

Stock Markets Rally - But How Much Did We Profit?  
Time to Book Profit In Nifty   
Bloodbath on the Street : But Profit Time For My Followers
Tatapower and Hexaware Outperform - Market Flat  

So to make the long story short, you will profit from my recommendations only if you trade. Do not just read this blog, take appropriate action to trade as I suggest. You will never regret that decision. And let me tell you candidly that I have only interest of small retail investors in mind. I do not work for any organization or cartel and hence am not looking to inflate or depress prices. If you trade and make profit, it will make me feel good and happy. So take the plunge now.

I will post new recommendations to trade stock futures of June series tomorrow before market opens. Be ready then to take note and trade as per my suggestions. Download my toolbar for quick access to this blog and keep checking my blog-post at regular intervals for latest updates on ongoing trades. Good Luck!

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