Sunday, April 10, 2016

Return Our Money Now - Track Down Stressed Assets of Banks

Banks have indiscriminately given loans to high and mighty without proper due diligence and adequate collaterals. These  loans have become stressed assets in the books of banks and has created this abnormal situation when Govt is considering recapitalizing the banks.

This means that more tax payers' money is being proposed to be pumped into banks. For that Bank Board Bureau has been constituted which I had mentioned in my previous post.

Today total stressed assets of PSU banks stand at Rs 4 lakh crores. But it is estimated that if we also consider loans that face the risk of being declared NPAs going forward, then the total value of stressed assets of banks will stand at Rs 8 lakh crores. What a royal mess!!

This is our hard earned money which the banks are giving away to robbers masquerading as corporate entities. It is time we demand our money back into bank coffers. Instead of doing that, financial wizards like RBI Gov are devising ways to recapitalize banks. This means that more tax payers' money will be garnered and given to banks so that they can facilitate more robbers to rob us. What irony!

Before recapitalizing the banks we want the list of willful defaulters to be made public. But our RBI Gov insists that we should not name and shame these defaulting entities. Mr Raghuram Rajan, if you are not even willing to name these defaulters who have looted the Indian economy, then one wonders what action you will take against them!

We want government to track down stressed assets of banks, seize all assets of defaulters including their personal assets, and return our money back into the vaults of banks. For doing that, if you need to create a separate Public Asset Recovery Company by an Act of Parliament, do so. We simply need our money back now!

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