Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hilarious Slip Up - Forgot Indian Markets are Closed Today

In my eagerness to give market updates to my audience before Indian markets opened for trading, I published a post forecasting market opening in green. Little did I realize that today is Mahavir Jayanti and Markets are closed!! That is called " Goof-up-Royale"

I have pulled out this ultra-hilarious and erroneous post from my blog site. Those who have got the link and are not able to open it, do not worry. It is deliberate action on my part to vacate the link and not some technical glitch.

Those who had opened the link while it was live on net, my apologies. But I guess those who could read the post while it was live would at least have had a good laugh. That is a good way to begin the day - isn't it?

Anyway, I will publish here some relevant portions from this snuffed- out post for your consumption. Here we go :-

Yesterday Nifty closed up by 64 points despite grim global situation precipitated by oil market crash. This I had predicted in my last post.

And if you have gone through my last post you would remember that though I had predicted oil plunging and global equity markets going down with it, I had categorically told you to buy Indian market on dip. My exact words before market opening were:  "SGX Nifty is down by about 30 points. So expect some weakness in Indian markets during early trades. Global factors notwithstanding, you should  be long on Indian markets on dips."

That is exactly what happened in trade yesterday. Nifty opened at 7908 and quickly fell down to 7843. Then slowly through the day it gained 64 points to close at 7915, near its day high of 7921.

Enjoy your holiday today and Happy Mahavir Jayanti !

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