Monday, April 11, 2016

Indian Markets Make Fascinating Bull Charge in Late Trade

Oh what a spectacular bull run in second half of trade! It was a secular bull charge, making almost every sector green in its wake.

Indian markets were flat to negative till 1 PM. And then, as if sparked by some tremendous news, got lifted magically. Nifty gained 116 points by close.

Not just Indian markets, Asian markets also got lifted and European markets are a sea of green as of now. Dow Jones Futures is indicating that US markets will open in firm green territory.

So what is cheering the entire global market so strongly? Dollar Index is slightly down, and Oil is slightly up as of publishing this post. I do not know of anything extraordinary that has happened or is expected to happen in global scenario which warrants this kind of bull run across all equity markets around the world.

If you know the reason of such positive action in markets, please feel free to share your thoughts with all of us. You can put your thoughts in the comments section of this post for the benefit of all of us. I will really appreciate that.

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