Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stock Futures Trading Made Ezy - Patni Computers

On 30 July 2010, my subscribers at traded Patni and made Rs 3000/3500. Again today they could make profit in a fresh trade in Patni Computers. Profit booked in this new position today ranged from Rs 3500/- to Rs 6000/-. Yet another trade where my subscribers smartly made reasonable profit from a long position(ie Buy position) in conditions of depressingly negative market sentiments. This again has been possible by calculating the point of bounce with Fibonacci golden ratios. Stock Futures trading done in very simple manner!!

Patni Computer August Futures was recommended by me on 10th August to be bought at 450/452. Target given was 478. However today after 2 trading days I gave a call to book profit at 460. You will appreciate that market conditions were very negative in early trade and so I thought it wise to lock profit, though small. And there I was proven wrong. Patni raced off to make day high of 483.8, even surpassing my initial given target of 478. But I think it is better to be safe in this market than be sorry. My subscribers could make profit, in a falling market, trading stock futures and that is more important. Here is the link to details of actual trading with time stamp : .

With today's concluded trade in Patni, we are still maintaining our tradition of 100% success in our exclusive club of futures trading at Stockezy. This success rate is being maintained for the last 3 months. I wonder how many more successful trades in stock futures are required for retail investors to realize that there is money to be made in trading stock futures in small simple ways!!! Stockezy provides this wonderful opportunity to make good money for a very small subscription amount, and that needs to be tapped by one and all.