Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stock Futures Trading Made Ezy - Ambuja Cements

Trading stock futures has been a rewarding experience for my subscribers at , a fact that been proven over and over again with a 100% success record in more than 30 trades. Not one stock futures trade has been a failed trade. Every trade has given profit to my subscribers. Profit realized by my subscribers has been to the tune of Rs 25000/- to Rs 35000/- in last three weeks. This has been achieved with trading just one lot at any given time. Three month activity data maintained at  Stockezy page  reads as follows :-
  • Average return per trade : +13.36%
  • Average profit/loss per trade : Rs 6625.57/-
  • Average Investment per trade : Rs 49,600/-
  • Success rate : 100%
  • Total trades : 30
In keeping with the existing tradition of this exclusive club of stock futures trading at Stockezy, my subscribers again profited by trading Ambuja Cements August Futures. They entered trade on 03 Aug 2010 as per my recommendation and exited with profit ranging from Rs 2000/- to Rs 4000/-. The link to the actual trade details with time stamp is here :