Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stock Futures Trading Made Ezy - ACC

Trading stock futures can be very rewarding if you take care of following points:-
  • You need to be meticulous in pinpointing the exact entry point.
  • The entry point has to be such that even if the scrip trades lower after your entry, you should be certain to get your buy price in technical bounce. In this fashion you will never be making any loss. This is very important because stock futures trading is all about protecting your capital. If you can do that, then profit will automatically accrue.
  • In selecting such an entry point you need to have tons of patience. It may so happen that your calculated entry point may not be traded for a particular scrip that you were tracking. But that's all right. 'No trade' is better than entering a trade at the wrong point, especially in stock futures because there is a heavy toll to pay once a trade goes wrong. Mark to market (mtm) requirement in stock futures can easily take a trader out of the market, in case of incorrect entry.
These are the points which are always kept in mind while entering trade in stock futures. Let us take the case of ACC July Futures which was recommended by me to be bought at 796/802 on 22nd July at  . My subscribers bought within that range and the day low on 22nd July was 799. Next day the low made by this scrip was 795. This is a live example of fine tuning the exact entry point. In the next trading session this position was squared off at 820, This enabled my subscribers to make a profit in the range of Rs 4500/- to Rs 4750/- with a return in excess of 11% from an investment of Rs 40,000/- in three days. For details of exact trade as it unfolded during market hours, do click the link below:- .