Friday, July 30, 2010

Stock Futures Trading Made Ezy - HCL Tech

Stock Futures trading has been thoroughly rewarding for my subscribers. In the last 7 trading sessions my subscribers have made profit in the range of Rs 25,000/- to Rs 30,000/- with maximum investment of Rs 75,000/-. This gets translated into 33% to 40% return on investment in just 7 trading sessions.

This has been possible mainly due to high leverage available with trading stock futures. Also I have now modified my trading strategy where at any one time I give only one stock futures recommendation. This means that firstly subscribers do not have to put in any effort to choose from multiple recommendations, and secondly I can direct all my energies to guide them through the entire single trade. In this fashion their investment at any one time can never be more than Rs 50,000/- to Rs 80,000/-. Profit generated is through rotation of principal and leverage. In this manner we are also able to keep greed under check.

Now let us take the example of trade in HCL Tech Aug Futures. Since I am stock futures trading Guru at , day before yesterday at 1.13PM my subscribers had bought this scrip between 378/380 as per my recommendation. By 2.25 PM all my subscribers sold the lot at 382 on my call, since I felt we will get to again buy the scrip at lower level. In this trade they made profit ranging from Rs 2700/- to Rs 3700/-.

Again day before yesterday at 3.14 PM I gave a call to buy HCL Tech at 375, which the subscribers did. We kept the position open overnight. Yesterday by 9.05 AM all subscribers had sold the lot between 390/395. Since the lot size is 1000, they could make a windfall gain ranging from Rs 15,000/- to Rs 20,000/-. This has been achieved only by holding the position overnight (BTST if you may call it!).

I had recommended buy of HCL Tech day before yesterday because it was a strong buy both fundamentally and technically. Company results were expected to be good. And technically the scrip was just ripe for swing trading. All I had to do was to pin point the buy level at the support of the swing. Rest is now history. That's how simple stock futures trading really is.

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Given below is the link to actual trading. Here I owe an explanation to my readers for putting them through some inconvenience in reading the comments for trade in HCL Tech. Actually the Opinion page was opened for trading Patni Computers. But then suddenly HCL Tech came down to our buy level and there was no time to open a new Opinion page for HCL Tech. So in order that my subscribers do not miss this opportunity I gave the buy call of HCL Tech in this already opened Patni page. Later this page was also used for trading Patni Computers August Futures after squaring off positon in HCL Tech. Anyway, here's the link :- .