Friday, July 30, 2010

Stock Futures Trading Made Ezy - ABB

Stock Futures trading requires very little effort to make reasonably good money, in case one shows patience and waits for price to come to calculated buy levels before entering trade. This gives leeway to exit trade in technical bounce even when the general market is weak. And technical bounces are enough to give you Rs 4000/- to Rs 5000/- in one trade.

We will take the instance of trading ABB August Futures. I have been giving stock futures recommendations at . At 9.45AM one lot was bought at 775/780 by subscribers on 26th July as per my recommendation. On the same day at 3.15 PM the position was squared off at 795. This gave an intra-day profit of Rs 5000/- with return of 13.15% on investment of Rs 38,000/-. As simple as that!

ABB was bought on technical reasons, though fundamental reasons were looking weak since it was rumoured that ABB was going to be taken off from FII's radar. But 50% retracement of most recent rise of ABB gave us the buy price of 775. And the scrip did not disappoint either. From 775 it exhibited a technical bounce and reached its first resistance of 200 day moving average. That was enough for us to exit the trade intra-day with a profit of Rs 5000/-. That's all there is to making sure shot money in trading stock futures.

Link to actual trade is given below:-