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Sunday, September 6, 2009


In this post we continue analysis of Mr X's portfolio with few more financial institutions. With this I guess we would have covered more or less all important banking scrips. Mr X sure has the right choice of banking scrips.

Holding 100 shares @ 138. CMP-168.5
6 mnth tgt- 220; 1 yr tgt- 310
Yes bank may decline to level of 120. It may so happen that in current run up it may rise to around 180. But it will be prudent to exit with profit at current level and take fresh position at 120 level.

Holding 102 shares @ 202. CMP- 281.8
6 mnth tgt-360 ; 1 yr tgt- 460
Canara Bank has corrected up to 38.2% but it may visit 220 before resuming its upwards journey again. Hence you should take your profit and re-enter the scrip at 220.

Holding 100 shares @ 85. CMP- 80.5
6 mnth tgt- 105; 1 yr tgt- 145
Syndicate bank has corrected 50% but it is likely to touch 70 before moving up. Be ready to buy 100 shares more at 70 and sell all your holdings at 1 year's target of 145.

Holding 100 shares @ 53. CMP- 42.1
6 mnth tgt- 70; 1 yr tgt-83
Vijaya Bank has moved up after correcting 38.2% but it can still slide down to 35. Look for that chance to buy 100 additional shares at 35. After that wait for 1 year to sell 200 shares at 83.

Holding 200 shares @ 76. CMP- 106.5
6 mnth tgt- 135; 1 yr tgt- 165
IDBI can move down to 78. However you can hold your position till 1 year's target of 165, because IDBI is in very strong up-move formation. In case the scrip moves down then you can buy 200 shares more at 80.

Holding 400 shares @ 100. CMP- 134.8
6 mnth tgt- 180; 1yr tgt- 250
IDFC has yet to correct sufficiently and therefore it may come down to 93. You may like to book your profits at current market price. You may re-enter once the scrip reaches 93 level.