Thursday, March 31, 2016

Profit Realized - SBI Apr Futures

We have again got it right on target. In yesterday's post I had advised you to exit SBI Apr Futures within the first 30 mins of trade today. Check the blog post here.  I think we all could exit this position around 198.

In today's session SBI Apr Futures opened at 198.45 and it made a day high of 199.3, which makes me sure that all could at least exit near 198.

Time to calculate profit. We bought this lot of SBI Apr Futures at 190 ( check my recommendation here) and sold it at 198.

Profit from one lot of 2000 shares costing Rs 75000/- is (198-190= 8)X2000 = Rs 16000/- This trade has given Return on Investment as 16000/75000X100 = 21.3% in 4 trading sessions.

 For the moment let us wait and watch how things pan out in the markets. Today derivatives March expiry trades have been executed and tomorrow will be a fresh start with April contracts.

Tomorrow we will not enter trade. But if SBI Apr Futures is available at 186/188, then we should go ahead and buy it.