Monday, March 21, 2016

SBI Looks Good for Further Gains - Buy on Dip

Banking pack is looking good to go further north. Leader of the pack is surely SBI. As I had mentioned in my earlier post that SBI may reach 200. Check it out here in the last paragraph.

But it is important that you exercise some caution. It will be prudent to buy at dip. Some cooling in prices will make this fresh entry a very compelling buy.

So look for entering SBI March Futures at 184.5/185.5. This will ensure that even if market turns negative, you will certainly get a profitable exit when you enter at this conservative price.

The other stock which looks appealing to buy, from swing point of view, is Ultracemco. This stock closed at 3119 in Mar Futures and seems ready to go beyond 3150. You can consider buying Ultracemco Mar Futures at 3100 for target of 3155.