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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today we will touch upon Power stocks in Mr X's portfolio. There is clear weakness in Power stocks and hence when there is correction in indices these stocks will lead the fall. Have a profound look.

Holding 20 shares @ 1085. CMP-1281
You are sitting on profit and so quit Tatapower at around 1295. Sure Tatapower will do 1600 in about a year's time, but that will happen after it first drops down to 1000 level. In fact 900 to 950 is not ruled out in this scrip.

Holding 450 shares @ 187. CMP- 206.2
NTPC will witness strong selling below 200. So there is enough reason for one to avoid risk in this counter. Take your small profit at around 210 and wait for entry at 170 level. In fact NTPC may see even 150 level. But after that it will surely rise to 300 in one year.

Holding 168 shares @ 301. CMP- 448.2
BGR Energy like other power stocks may correct fiercely. Since it may fall down to 300 there is no point in holding on to this scrip now. Book your profit and wait for the correction to re-enter. In a year's time this scrip should be trading between 650 to 700.

Holding 268 shares @ 52. CMP- 108
Power Grid has the power to touch 200 in a year's time. However presently it is showing enough weakness to fall. It may fall as low as 80 level because below 105 it will witness ferocious selling. You are in profit and hence it is advisable to take profit at current level and re-enter the scrip at around 80.

Power Fin Corp
Holding 80 shares @ 85. CMP- 225
Power Fin Corp is slightly stronger than other power stocks. However one needs to be cautious in our approach. There is substantial profit for you at current level and therefore it will be nice to book your profit. Power Fin Corp can correct to 170 level. In its downward journey it may travel to as low as 150. Not withstanding that, in about one year it is expected to go up to 380.