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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Survival Kit For Newbie Investors - Laws of Nature

After learning the role of greed and fear in last post (, its time for Laws of Nature. We need to acknowledge the fact that Laws of Nature govern most of the events on this planet. It is ridiculous to try and defy the supreme powers of nature. If that is accepted then there will be no difficulty in following certain universal laws of nature that work even in stock markets. To be successful in stock market on the long run you will have to observe these laws with fanatical respect. Read on to familiarize yourself with some of these laws and make a strong mental note to follow them at all cost:-
  • Law # 1. Markets like everything else in life moves around in sinusoidal cycles. The cyclical nature means that you have to take the ups with the downs. Human emotions of euphoria and inflationary speculation ride the crest of the cycle, where as on the other extreme the emotions of despair and panic straddle on the trough of the cycle. Have the strength, courage and conviction of avoiding such extreme herd mentality while investing in stock market.

  • Law # 2. Market manipulations are possible only in the short term, thereafter laws of nature take over in the long run. Primary trend cannot be manipulated . No single individual or group of individuals can exert influence on the major trend of the market.

  • Law # 3. Good days cannot continue in perpetuity. There will be good days with the bad. This means that even the best of companies will have to encounter some bad days along its journey. Which brings us to the point that if you believe you are secure from losses by investing in a good company, it is untenable. So do not be emotionally attached to any company. If the situation so demands then do sell X company and enter into a more promising Y company. At the end of it you are in stock market to make money, not to buy ownership of companies. Keep an open mind and do not be dogmatic about which company you buy. As far as you are concerned all businesses are good so long as your buy trade gives you return of your choice.

  • Law # 4. Persistence on luck leads to bankruptcy. This behaviour of over-dependence on luck is manifested in stock market in the form of over-trading. One of the biggest blunders of traders is the desire to get rich in a jiffy and hence they over-trade. This calls for heavy dependence on luck. There are numerous examples of big and seasoned traders getting jettisoned out of stock market forever, only due to over-trading. You should guard against this evil with all your might, by strictly following the rules of capital management and stop losses.