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Thursday, September 3, 2009


The second tranche of Mr X's portfolio is here. This packet may compel some to take a deep look at few IT companies and derive an outlook for IT sector as a whole. Take a peep!

Holding 20 shares @ 2118, CMP -2165
In this run up Infosys has not corrected to the extent that it should have. Therefore in near future there is a distinct possibility of Infosys correcting to a level of 1700 or so. Such correction is essential for the scrip to attain stability for its long term growth trajectory. You may consider emptying your kitty of Infosys at level of 2300 or thereabouts. After that wait for a major correction in the scrip to re-enter and hold it for 1 yr's tgt of 3300.

Holding 100 shares @ 425, CMP - 120.8
1 mnth tgt 145; 6 mnth tgt- 185; 1 yr tgt- 320
Buy 200 shares of Satyam at current level and hold for 1 year target of 320. In this fashion you would be able to exit your position with profit since you would have averaged the scrip to a buy price of 220. To further bring down your buy price you may toy with the idea of trading additional 300 shares at target levels indicated above.

Holding 200 shares @ 250, CMP - 309.1
You are sitting on profit in a scrip which hasn't corrected yet. In fact the whole IT pack has yet to correct its rise. Hence I am of the opinion that you should liquidate your position in HCL tech at 310 and wait for a major correction before re-entering. Level of 200 will be a decent correction level to buy. After buying the correction you should hold the scrip for one year's target of 450.

Holding 600 shares @ 188, CMP - 84.35
1 mnth tgt - 114, 6 mnth tgt- 135, 1 yr tgt - 172
Buy 600 additional shares of 3iinfotech so that your average Buy Price drops down to 118. Then you can exit all your positions at 6 month's target and trade subsequent corrections; or simply wait for 1 year's target of 172 for off-loading 3iinfotech.

Holding 100 shares @ 327, CMP -311.9
6 mnth tgt - 400, 1 yr tgt- 460
Mastek may correct to 260 in near term. In case you get a chance in coming trading sessions to exit your positions at 335 then it would be quite comfortable. If not, then wait for 6 month's target to take home some honourable profit.