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Friday, September 25, 2009

Indian Budget 2009 - Road Map For Future Growth

There had been tremendous expectations on the street from Indian Budget 2009. That was purely on the assumption that with no millstone of Communist Party baggage around its neck, the UPA Govt would take the developmental plank in a big way. Hence the hoopla around Budget 2009. But when the day arrived, the package delivered was quite contrary to expectations of the market. And as it always happens, when market doesn't like some piece of news - it tanks. Imagine how badly hurt its sentiment would have been since it was waiting for this Budget with glee and a certainty of content therein? Hence on Budget Day of 06 Jul 2009, thoroughly annoyed with the Finance Minister, market did a Tandav Nritya - the dance of Anger. From intra-day high of 4480, Nifty crashed to day low of 4134 - a massive thumbs down of 346 Nifty points to Budget 2009. Thereafter it continued to fall and registered a low of 3919 on 13 July 2009.

Indian Budget 2009 has been criticised by all and sundry for lacking direction. It has been vilified as being neither developmental nor populist. Finance Minister has been accused of giving no tweak to the growth engines of India. But I was satisfied. Satisfied because what I had hoped for was finally delivered. Budget 2009 recognised the need to give impetus to two sectors - education and rural development. For acknowledging so, it can be termed as a watershed budget. The foresightedness of this budget needs to be appreciated. In the long run if India wants to be an economic superpower then these two sectors will have to be given due importance from now onwards. And Budget 2009 finally delivered on that score, albeit on an humble scale. I fully agree that such a tough decision was long overdue, but it is never too late to wake up. And India, it seems, is finally waking up!

Why I sound so emotional at this point is owing to the fact that I feel my prayers have been answered by Govt of India. In my blog post titled 'Indian Democracy - Road Ahead' on 16 Mar 2009, I had outlined two major areas, that is of education and rural development, towards which we should focus our energies. This is required to eradicate the ills that this country suffers from. And these ills have shackled us to a large extent from becoming what we richly deserve - a Global Superpower. I hope you can take some time off to revisit the blog post in order to co-relate my line of argument with the visionary provisions of Union Budget 2009. You may click the link for quick reference -

Now to business. If you agree to my point of view and that of Indian Govt, start investing in companies engaged in education and rural development sectors. Do a top down analysis and home on to scrips in these two sectors for long term investment. Not only will you be making a killing , but also be participating in the growth drivers of strong India. A win-win situation for all, wouldn't you say?