Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Feeds Through Feedburner Not timely - Will Be Terminated Henceforth

I have realized that feeds that you get through Feedburner in your mailbox are delivered to you quite late. This is creating problems for some of you to access market information from this blog in a timely fashion. Not getting timely actionable information is detrimental to entering market in a profitable manner as per my recommendations.

Hence from now onwards, I am going to switch off feeds from Feedburner to your mailbox, so that you stop getting delayed market information for trading. Those who want to take action in stock market as per tips provided in this blog, will now have to directly access the blog. For ease in accessing the blog you may download for Free my toolbar which is provided on the right hand side of the blog. This is Alexa toolbar (powered by Google) and is quite handy. You may also download my toolbar from the link provided below:-

So go right ahead and download my toolbar in order to directly access this blog. I will keep giving you timely recommendations with precise entry and exit points of selected stocks so that you can make smart profits on a weekly basis. The present recommendations of 12 stocks, which I had given on 14 Apr 2013 in this blog-post, will  expire tomorrow i.e. on 25 Apr 2013. I will give you an update/result sheet of my present recommendations after market hours tomorrow.

I firmly believe that the present market conditions are going to provide immense profit making opportunities for short term traders. Hence you will be greatly benefited to enter trade in stock/index futures. Those who have realized the profit making potential of my recommendations can look forward to many more of my recommendations in this blog to make money out of stock market.

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