Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stockezy - Sharing Community Sentiments For Investment Decisions

To all my followers and readers I owe an explanation for being so quiet for so long. One might ask as to where I have been all these days and I'll have a tough time answering satisfactorily. I will sound indifferent if I tersely say that I have been busy. But that is the complete truth, standoffish as it may sound.
I have been busy connecting to a community of 15000 plus members who are into investing in stock markets in India. This community interacts at a platform hosted by http://www.stockezy.com/ which is fast becoming the leader in this novel concept of community investing.

As a social networking platform for investing in stock markets, Stockezy  can also be termed loosely as Community Investing Fund, akin to Mutual Fund. The essential difference is that here every member is a Fund Manager controlling his own funds. The community aspect only helps each Fund Manager to tap intellectual resources of other members of the community, which in turn helps him in firming up his own mind before making any stock market investment.

As Stockezy grows in strength, the following announcement from the site reaches the length and breadth of India, echoing across various dailies and financial newspapers and periodicals:-

Social network to connect, educate & empower investors.

Stockezy is an effective platform where investors help investors and work together to make informed financial decisions. Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to stocks; Stockezy is the place for you.

You may check out my contribution to http://www.stockezy.com/ , a pioneer site on social investing on internet, by following  the links given below:-